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Relying on God’s Power as a Foster Parent

Written by Sammie Meese

As foster parents, it is common to receive praise from others for our decision to welcome vulnerable children into our home. We often hear phrases like: “It takes a special person…” “I could never…” or “I don’t know how you…” And while I appreciate the encouragement, I usually just want to say “If only you knew.”

If only you knew how completely inadequate I feel sometimes.

If only you knew how often I’ve wanted to give up.

If only you knew how selfish and impatient I can be.

If only you knew how much I feel like my kids deserve better than me.

There are so many times I’ve felt like God made a mistake in inviting me into this work.

I’ve recently been studying the book of Exodus and have found encouragement in the encounter Moses had with God at the burning bush. I am struck by how resistant Moses was to God’s call to lead His people out of Egypt. And I am even more struck by God’s patience with Moses in return. God is revealing His plan to Moses from a burning bush. He displays His power through miraculous signs and wonders. He could not be giving Moses any more evidence of His power to do what He has promised for Moses and the Israelites. Yet Moses raises several objections about how he doesn’t have the skills necessary to do what God is asking. My favorite response that God gives to one of Moses’s objections is “I will certainly be with you… when you bring the people out of Egypt, you will all worship God at this mountain.” He reassures Moses and then He reminds him that it is not - and will never be - about Moses or his abilities. The glory belongs to God and the people will worship God for what He has done.

Moses’s story has been such a good reminder to me that God is not dependent on us or our capabilities for His kingdom work. He will accomplish His will with or without us. But we are blessed to be invited into His kingdom work. The glory belongs to Him alone. Regardless of where God may be calling you, may you not let your own perception of your skills and abilities hold you back from participating in the work God has invited you into.

If you are interested in learning more about foster care, I invite you to join us on October 14 at 4:30 for Waypoint’s Foster Care Vision Night.

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