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Child Abuse Prevention at Waypoint

Written by Molly Jordan The month of April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  The purpose of this campaign is to focus on creating a nurturing and supportive environment for children and families in all communities. I am writing this blog post during April to update the church about the ways that Waypoint Church has been making our community safer. It is always a joy to peek down the Children’s Ministry hall and see that children are happy and safe. 

Over the last year Waypoint Church established the Abuse Response and Prevention (ARP) team.  The purpose of the ARP team is to make our church a safe place for the vulnerable, especially children, and serve as a point of contact for those who need to report an allegation of abuse that occurs at Waypoint Church or during activities affiliated with Waypoint.  During the last year the ARP team has updated the Waypoint Sexual Misconduct Policy and the ARP team handbook. We have also contributed input on making the church and preschool spaces safer for children and by introducing the online Ministry Safe child protection training for all Waypoint staff, Waypoint kids volunteers, childcare workers, the ARP team and other church members. Additionally, we have compiled a list of community resources and consulted with Child Protection Services about our policies.

Waypoint performs screening and background checks of all the church staff, Waypoint Kids, volunteers, and childcare workers.  They also provide volunteer training and online child protection training.  One of the most important parts of keeping the community safe for children and vulnerable people is to create an environment where reports of abuse are listened to and believed, and then inappropriate activity is reported to the proper authorities. Child abuse and neglect are preventable. Here are some things that all church community members can do to help.

  1. Be aware. Child abuse prevention requires our increased awareness.

  2. Take the Ministry Safe online child protection training. Email

  3. Pray continually for protection of children and vulnerable people.

  4. Teach children about appropriate touch, how to use their voice and how to report abuse.

  5. Speak Up – if you see something say something to one of the ARP team members.

  6. Believe children/people if they tell a story about inappropriate touch or abuse.

Reporting of an event or suspicious activity/behavior can be initiated by email  ( or by contacting any of the ARP team members below.

The ARP team exists to love, support, and protect children and families in our church community and we hope the work and presence of the ARP team is reassuring to all.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

The ARP Team is:

Molly Jordan, Claire Shabet, Cale Little, Scott Wilkos and Sophia McMahan

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