"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.
And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20


At Waypoint, we desire to live in intentionally diverse community, encouraging one another towards the purpose God has for us. 


We believe we are all sojourners and aliens in this world, but the gospel brings forth true belonging in a land that is not our own. Our union in Christ Jesus is greater than any other bond that might unite us or any other barrier that might divide us. 


We believe this kind of community powerfully displays the unifying work of the gospel.

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What: One great way to get to know immigrants and refugees is to offer to help them with their English. Often this takes the form of conversation partners. That would also open opportunities to share the Gospel.
When: You can meet with your conversation partner anytime depending on your schedules, we recommend you to meet once a week for at least one and a half hours. 
Where: the meetings will take place at their apartments.
  • Find out what specific things they want to work on during your conversation time.
  • Make sure they’re talking! The goal is for them to learn English, not for you to spend all the meetings talking at them. These are conversations, not speeches. Listen and ask good questions.
  • It’s okay to take things slowly – don’t expect them to fix everything all at once.
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat things often, and have realistic expectations for how much they can get from each session.
  • Give genuine and frequent encouragement, but don’t tell them they’re doing great if they aren’t. Be constructive and smart in your praise.
  • Try to come up with ways of making tasks into games, or finding humor or imagination as a new way to look at something as dry as grammar.
  • Use resources that will be helpful for them. Some cultures may be hesitant to ask you questions.
  • Be willing to set aside how you think things should be and instead work with your partner to meet their week-to-week needs.
DRESS CODE:  In respect to the cultures and beliefs represented in Duke Manor, No tank tops. No shorts.


What: The purpose of CCIL is to expand God’s kingdom in multi-cultural neighborhoods, by living out the gospel in word and deed through building intentional gospel communities in those neighborhoods, for the sake of God’s glory. 
How: The following commitments are expected of anyone getting involved in this ministry...
  • Living intentionally in a designated community for two years, with an evaluation to revisit this commitment after the first year;
  • Praying with your team once a week, with an additional prayer walk once a month;
  • Praying with your CCIL roommate or partner two times a week;
  • Leading/attending a team Bible study once a week with an outreach-focus of inviting neighbors;
  • Building gospel-centered relationships with neighbors and connecting with ministries in the community;
  • Caring for your neighbors and community in wholistic ministry (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), alongside your team;
  • Sending a monthly update to your team leader and following up with him/her. The team leader will forward it to Joy Mikhail;
  • Attending specific CCIL equipping trainings and participating in all CCIL outreach events held in your community;
  • Attending and serving at your own church each weekend.
If you would like to join CCIL ministry, please:
  1. Schedule a meeting with Joy Mikhail.
  2. Fill out the CCIL application and send it to Joy Mikhail. 
  3. If approved, then go through the Cross-Cultural Intentional Living training.


What: To equip refugees and immigrants to become effective and interdependent citizens, pass the citizenship test, and open opportunities to share the Gospel.
Ways to get involved:
  1. To be a conversational partner during the class.
  2. To eventually become a teacher.
Contact: Joy Mikhail for more information


ESL Ministry – English as a Second Language
What: To Teach English as a second language (Using Jesus’s parables)  to refugee and immigrant people groups and to build relationships that would naturally lead to sharing the Gospel.
Ways to get involved:
  1. To teach.
  2. To be a conversational partner during the class.
Contact: Joy Mikhail for more information


Launching in 2021, Faith & Finances is a 12-week financial education ministry where adults will come together to learn basic money management skills, discover biblical stewardship principles, and build supportive relationships. 
This is an opportunity for people who:
- Are just starting out learning how to manage money
- Don't have a lot of extra money to spare
- Desire to overcome financial obstacles
- Want to save more and pay off debt
Come discover God's purpose for your money by participating as a student in the course.  
Contact: FaithandFinancesWaypoint@gmail.com

GOLEAD MINISTRY - Lead, Educate, Advance, Disciple

Engaging in Waypoint’s cross-cultural ministry through helping children with their homework is a crucial link to the gospel for that child and their family.  Meeting their human needs is a natural bridge to relationship for gospel engagement. 
What: Helping refugee and immigrant kids with their homework and any other subjects they may need some extra help in, along with building relationships and sharing the gospel with them.  
Why: Many immigrants and refugees have moved here from different countries that don’t speak English. This is a big challenge for their kids, who are sent to school and are expected to perform at the same level as other English speaking kids. Immigrant and refugee parents are unable to help their kids, as they also don’t speak English. Tutoring would also be very expensive for these families. So as a Church that is called to carry God’s mission here in the Triangle, we found it fitting to help these kids and provide free tutoring as a means of blessing the community with the resources that we have been blessed with.
How: The goal is to have Church volunteers help these kids with their school work once a week. Resources will be provided, and it would be helpful if you had resources you’d like to share as well. We would love for you, as the church, to be part of showing the love of Christ by walking alongside these immigrant and refugee families.
Contact: Joy Mikhail for more information


What: Sharing Bible stories, singing songs, playing games with refugee and immigrant kids and Youth residing at Duke Manor. 

Why: Many of the children whose families attend the citizenship or ESL classes do not have a relationship with Jesus. In Matthew 19:14, Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Bible club is an opportunity to live this out and plant seeds in the hearts of the next generation.

How: Resources will be provided (we are currently going through the Jesus Storybook Bible), and it would be helpful if you had resources you’d like to share as well. We would love for you, as the church, to be part of showing the love of Christ by walking alongside these immigrant and refugee families.

Who can join: Please bring your children! This is a family-friendly atmosphere. The more kids playing, the more children in the neighborhood will want to join in! 

When: Thursdays 5:45 - 7:15 pm  

Contact: Joy Mikhail for more information

If you have any questions about any of these ministries,
please  contact 
Joy Mikhail, our Director of Local Missions.

Interested in volunteering?
Be sure to fill out the Volunteer Agreement below:

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