the way

Jesus answered,

"I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the father

except through me."

John 14:6

Our Vision

Waypoint church exists

to advance

the kingdom of God

by making disciples

of every tribe, tongue, and nation

for the glory of God

and the sake of the Gospel.

OUr Mission

Love the Triangle.

Love the Nations.

Reach the Triangle.

Reach the Nations.

OUr Values


We believe we were created to worship God and enjoy fellowship with Him forever.


And as new creations in Christ Jesus, we desire the Spirit to reveal to us more fully the glory of God and to rightly proclaim His worth in all areas of life.


Both individual and community worship are essential to the life and health of all God's people.



of God

We desire to teach and uphold the authority of God’s Word because we believe Scripture is God’s written revelation to humanity.


We believe the Bible is to be taught, obeyed, and trusted in all that it instructs, commands,

and promises.


Towards this end, we will be intentional in teaching directly from the Bible, promoting the study of the Bible, and centering our church’s mission with the Bible.



We desire to live in intentionally diverse community, encouraging one another towards the purpose God has for us.

We believe we are all sojourners and aliens in this world, but the gospel brings forth true belonging in a land that is not our own.


Our union in Christ Jesus is greater than any other bond that might unite us or any other barrier that might divide us.


We believe this kind of community powerfully displays the unifying work of the gospel.

The Nations

We desire to gather worshippers from every tribe, tongue, and nation because we want our church to resemble the diversity reflected in the kingdom of God.


We believe our calling is to proclaim the gospel and help plant churches all over the world; and our pursuit of that calling begins here in the Triangle where the nations have become

our neighbors.


We desire to engage these people groups by making known Christ’s love in both word

and deed.


We desire to be transformed people who live sent lives, proclaiming the gospel to others through all facets of life.


We want every member of our church to see themselves as ambassadors of the gospel as they fulfill the unique calling God has given each of them

in our city.

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Worship with us

Sundays @ 10:30 am

6804 Farrington Road



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