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Our Buddy Ministry exists to provide a one-on-one buddy for individuals with special needs who attend Waypoint Church, so that all individuals know they are celebrated, welcomed, and included in the body of Christ because we believe God has purpose in all abilities (Romans 12:4-6).
The information below relates to children with special needs, but is also applicable to adults with special needs.
If you or an adult you know would benefit from a buddy with you in the service, please let us know.


Want to serve as a buddy?

Loved one need a buddy?


Have any questions?


Contact our Director of Children's Ministries, Toni


How do I sign up? 

Please fill out the form attached on this page (or use the online form) and return it to the Director of Children’s Ministry, Megan Klingler. She and the Buddy Ministry Leader would like to meet you and give you and your child a tour of the classrooms and church.

What is a buddy's role?

A “Buddy” is intended to share the love of Christ with your loved one, to ensure their safety, to having a working knowledge of your loved one's strengths/challenges/coping, to focus on their strengths and seek to maximize them, to help them participate and engage in their class, to facilitate engagement/play with peers, and to be attentive to their sensory needs/sensitivities to provide necessary support. Some of our buddies are from our youth ministry but will always be in the presence of a background-checked adult. All of our adult buddies are background-checked. 

How does the buddy program work?

Since we have one worship service each Sunday morning, we have a team of buddies assigned to each week of the month. Thus, buddies will rotate, and your loved one will likely have a different buddy each week. We will provide the necessary information to ensure that your loved one's buddy is aware of how to best assist them and will strive to have consistent buddies with your loved one as often as possible. 

What if my loved one is developmentally behind their peers?

What classroom do they go in? 

We will assess individuals on a case-by-case basis and would love to discuss this with you in person. We will take this into consideration as well as your hopes for your loved one. 

What if my loved one doesn't want to go to a class? 

That is perfectly fine, and we can have a buddy assigned to your loved one to help them attend the worship service. 
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