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Reading The Wisdom Books Together

Written by Danny Castiglione

Have you ever asked some of the deeper questions of life and faith? 

Does God care about the everyday affairs of the world? 

Why do good people suffer, and bad people prosper? 

What’s the meaning of life?

Is the God of the Old Testament different than the God of the New Testament?

We have all had these types of questions on our faith journey as we strive to walk by the Sprit and abide in Christ. And I believe that what I like to call the Wisdom Triangle of the Old Testament provides a starting point for us as we trust God with each day as broken people in this broken world. I created an image of the Wisdom Triangle using a yield sign, as I believe seeking wisdom is something we must proceed forward in as God’ people. Yet, we must proceed with caution and humility! Which is what the Wisdom Books themselves teach us. 

I have been so encouraged to hear that the 90 day Gospel Reading Plan was a meaningful experience for many of you. As a staff we decided to keep going and read the Old Testament wisdom books (Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes) next. 

Why read these 3 books together? 

Old Testament Scholar Craig Bartholomew says this, 

Wisdom themes are found throughout the Old Testament but are concentrated in Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes. Proverbs is the foundation for wisdom theology in the Old Testament and sets out, especially in Proverbs 1– 9, the overarching principles of wisdom. 

1. True Wisdom is grounded in the “fear of the LORD.” 

2. True Wisdom is concerned with discerning the order built into the creation by the Lord. 

3. True Wisdom focuses on discerning God’s ways in particular circumstances. 

4. True Wisdom is grounded in tradition. Job and Ecclesiastes only make sense when they are read against the background of Proverbs. 

We’d love for you to join us on this 60 day journey of seeking Wisdom and growing in grace and truth! 

We will be using a BibleProject plan that can be found in the YouVersion Bible app 

Go to the You Version Bible app on a phone or iPad. 

If you would like to use a printable paper checklist you can find it here.

May God's Word speak to you and encourage you as you meditate on it each day!

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