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Let the Children Come to Me

Written by Christian Jernigan

"Jesus said, “Leave the children alone and don’t try to keep them from coming to me, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 (CSB)


Laughter broke out in the Sunday school class. The kids were acting out a Bible lesson from Esther. They were overly dramatic, silly, and creative as they captured the essence of the lesson that morning. I was enjoying walking through the biblical lesson with them, in a fun and energetic way. In that moment of laughter and instruction, I couldn’t help but think that just a couple years earlier the laughter and silliness would have been difficult for me. 


In the past, I would have had no room for laughter or cutting up during a lesson. I would have been frustrated by the “goofing off” and would have expected the children to listen quietly with the reverence the Word deserves. However, I was now leaning into the varied ways children engage with and express themselves as they learn the Scriptures.


I was reminded of the above verse in Matthew. I wonder if the instruction of Jesus to his disciples was in response to their zeal in keeping the children from disturbing or disrupting the adults. Jesus instead welcomed the children. He welcomed them in all their childlikeness. Jesus really loved children and he knew them well. In that moment, I couldn’t help but think “Jesus is enjoying the silliness and laughter of these children!”  He loves the children of Waypoint. He would be pleased with who they are and how they express themselves in learning the Scriptures.


The Lord has reshaped my thinking. I have seen that my role in Bridge 45 is so much more than just teaching a lesson. It is actively showing the love of Christ to our kids. I want them to know they are loved by Christ. I want them to know they can be themselves and bring all their hopes and doubts, joy and sorrow, questions and answers to Christ. They can come to Jesus knowing they are fully known and loved. I want them to freely go to Christ and not be hindered in coming to Him. 


This insight has changed how I pray and interact with Waypoint Kids and more specifically Bridge 45: 

  1. My prayer each Sunday is that the children will know how much they are loved by God and will know the love of Jesus.

  1. I pray that I will not be a hindrance for the children to come unto Jesus but instead be one who is led by the Spirit to point the children to Jesus.

3.     I pray that I would allow the children to be their inquisitive and silly selves in class and patiently answer their questions and teach them the Scriptures. 


I have gained so much by obediently following the Lord’s prompting to teach Bridge45. I do hope that as you read this you would consider investing in the children at Waypoint. Jesus loves children and we have the privilege of being able to help lead them to Him.  

If you would like to know more about serving in Waypoint kids, please e-mail

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