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Finding God in His Creation

Written by Emily Herrington

I turned 30 earlier this year and decided to pick up a hobby that demonstrates how young and hip I still am–birding. My husband, Kyler, and I were heading up to Maine to celebrate my milestone birthday and I was thrilled to do so with a new pair of binoculars and a birding field guide in hand. As we drove along the coast, spent time in Acadia National Park, and made our first attempts at identifying Maine’s waterfowl, my heart swelled remembering that God crafted those breathtaking views and feathered creatures to demonstrate His glory and stir my heart to worship Him.

The story of God in scripture begins with His creation of everything we know (and much we still don’t). No matter which view of creation you take, Colossians 1:16 (CSB) tells us that “ Him everything was created, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities- all things have been created through Him and for Him.” A few years ago, I was watching BBC’s Blue Planet II series with friends from our previous church. Every episode left us awestruck and joyful about God’s glory revealed in His creation. I remember watching an episode about the deepest depths of the ocean where marine scientists are still discovering new species. I couldn’t help but imagine God waiting for His children to discover new truths about His creation like a parent waiting for their child to open a gift He knows they will love.

As I’ve spent the last few months going for bird walks and casually studying the birds at the feeder outside our back window, I’ve been struck again and again by this thought–the same God who laid the cornerstone of the earth and told the ocean how far it could go (Job 38:6-11) also gave the cardinal its brilliant red and made the Eastern bluebird unbelievably adorable. The same God who wired thousands of species of birds to migrate vast distances also makes sure the house finch in your backyard has food to eat. Even better, the same God who does all of this cares even more for us (Matthew 6:26).

As we all know, our relationship with Christ ebbs and flows as time goes on. Some seasons find you in the Word and prayer more often than others. Church and Christian community can feel like more of a burden than a blessing when life gets difficult. But no matter how close or far you feel from the Lord, God’s revelation of His glory in nature meets us exactly where we are. When I’m struggling to feel connected to my Creator, sometimes His creation is what draws me back into the rhythms and practices that truly give life. As we enjoy a season of long-anticipated crisp mornings, dazzling fall colors, and the sweet fragrance of the tea olive tree, I hope God makes His love and care real to you in the beauty of His creation.

“Our Lord and God,

you are worthy to receive

glory and honor and power,

because you have created all things,

and by your will

they exist and were created.”-Revelation 4:11

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