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Thanksgiving for Those in Our Corner

Written by Lawrence Yoo

After years of not seeing my aunt (my mom’s oldest sister), I was so encouraged to spend time with her on my recent trip to Korea. Although I’ve probably only seen her twice in the past twenty years, she plays an important role in my life because I know she prays for me literally every day. I don’t mean she says, “dear God, be with Lawrence” daily (not that that would be bad), but that I know she cries out to God on my behalf, petitions the Father for my needs, and she cares deeply for my soul. 

As I get older, I realize what an unbelievably precious gift her prayers are to me. To know that someone loves me so dearly and believes so strongly in the power of God is praying for me and is in my corner, radically affects me in two ways. For one, knowing that I am loved like that and supported like that gives me incredible confidence. It’s like having that coach in the ring who helps you persevere or that encouraging teacher who believes in you. God uses her prayerfulness to keep me motivated. 

In addition to that, I truly believe that God moves in response to prayers. It’s one of the ways he chooses to act so I believe her prayers are powerful and are doing a supernatural work in my life. Do they keep everything bad from happening me? No, but when she prays for my soul, my children, my marriage, and my ministry, I believe God hears and responds. 

I’m so thankful for my aunt. Do you have anyone in your life who prays for you like this? Have you thanked them lately for their faithfulness? I wish everyone had an aunt like mine, someone they know will always support them and pray for them no matter what. Have you ever thought of being that person for someone else? Isn’t it exciting to think that you can be a support, an encouragement, and a prayer warrior for someone you care about? 

“The earnest prayer of righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”-James 5:16b

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