Matt Markovetz



Matt Markovetz and his wife Eni have been attending Waypoint for nearly four years and covenant members for just over three. He has been a youth group volunteer at Waypoint since 2019 and at every church that he has been a member of since college. He studied Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, performing a summer internship in high school ministry at Olathe (KS) Bible Church as a rising senior that also included missions to Panama, New Orleans, and Kansas City, Kansas. He earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh building mathematical models of liquid, ion, and mucus transport in the lung.

Matt's own initial experiences of earnest Christian fellowship and discipleship in his middle and high school youth groups are his primary motivation for in working in this ministry. He is grateful for the work and giftings of the other youth leaders for many reasons, not the least of which being that his real expertise in mucus physics addresses only a vanishingly small aspect of the challenges faced by adolescents today.


Matt's hobbies include watching hockey, playing rugby, and fishing. A native Coloradan, he is a mountain snob and regrets only that there is not more gnar for him to shred here in NC.

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