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He Is Making All Things New

Updated: May 25, 2021

He Is Making All Things New

Lawrence Yoo

I love the general feeling of possibility that comes with every New Year.

Don’t we all love the feeling that the past can be wiped away and we can start over? This feeling can, and should, point us to the desire of our hearts for Jesus to come and make all things new.

Admittedly, our hopeful thinking in January doesn’t always lead to real change as the year goes on.

Even when we resolve to do better this time, our gym membership often goes unused, we go back to drinking coffee and coke, and even our best-intentioned desires to pray and read the Bible more can weaken. Left to our own devices, newness can be brief and fleeting.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to make resolutions.

In fact, I think it’s good to have goals and resolve to keep them. However, our confidence is this: the newness we are promised is not based on our efforts, but it is built on Jesus’ finished work on the cross and His ability to accomplish His will in our lives. We believe as followers of Jesus that He has done everything that is needed to achieve our salvation, and we believe that He is coming back to make all things new. He promised He would come, at the perfect time He came, and He promised He will come again to make all things right and new.

So, this year, when we resolve and fail and resolve again, we can remind one another that the ultimate newness, wholeness, and rightness we long for will one day be revealed.

We can step forward, with confidence, assured that God is making all things new!

Happy New Year!

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