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No Batteries Needed

Updated: May 25, 2021

Written by Pastor Jim Greenlee.

The pump organ (from the 1800s) in our living room had long been silent and would continue to be unless or until I replaced the ancient and rotted bellows. Years ago, our grandson Zachary, then 3, climbed on the stool, lifted the lid and pressed on a couple of keys. He then looked over his shoulder at me and said, “PawPaw, this needs batteries!” He was ready to solve a nineteenth century problem with a twenty-first century fix! What a time we live in! Today, we snap in a battery or two and things are good as new, including toys, wristwatches, telephones, and even pacemakers. And I am grateful for both the craftsmanship of another time and the technology of our generation.

Some today are reading the timeless wisdom and instruction from God, contained in the Bible and saying, “This needs batteries!” Perhaps, they add, there is some way that the instruction from the Lord can be updated and made more consistent with the lifestyle called for by the world. If only the “sin problem” that is so clearly spoken about in scripture can be toned down a bit and modernized. That would be more in keeping with the way we want to live. More folks would be drawn to a “relaxed” Christianity!

Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! The laws and instructions in Christian living were not written by God to be adjusted as we might like. The way to salvation will forever be the same. Sin will always be sin. Now, I am not opposed to varying methods of presenting God’s truths to our generation. Not at all. In fact, I encourage it, as long as the truth of the message from God is not adulterated.

So, you who teach and preach, add some “batteries” to your approach if you wish, but keep foremost in your preparation the basic truth of scripture that can never change! And to all who believe and call the sacred Scriptures the Living Word of God, let us remember that no batteries are needed as The Word is eternally connected to the Heavenly Power Source!

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