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International Students Dinner - Hosts Needed

Saturday, February 25 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Your Place!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!! (Please sign up by February 5)

We have the incredible opportunity to partner with ISI (International Students, Inc.) at Duke to serve by hosting international students for a meal.

The goal and purpose is for the international students to enter an American home/apartment in an informal setting.

We need people to open their homes as hosts and volunteers to hang out and engage with the international students.

Number of host homes needed: 8 (at a minimum)


  • There will be a facilitator (appointed by the ISI staff) who will help students engage in conversations (e.g. conversation starter questions). Again this is an informal night so there’s no program or plan. The idea is the facilitator would help ensure all students are engaged and meeting other students and Americans. The facilitator can also be available to give rides to the host’s home.

  • Number of students. A minimum of 6 international students plus facilitator and other Americans. The max number per home depends on the size of the host home (e.g. an apartment might have less space than larger home. Although some apartments have access to community rooms; this could work too.)


  • The hosts. The host’s role is to provide the space and food for the night. There will be a brief orientation/instruction for each host (details TBD).

  • Additional Volunteers. We also can use volunteers who not able to provide space as a host. Volunteers can help give rides from Duke’s Campus, and/or provide food for the host homes.

  • If you want to volunteer, mark this date on your calendar and we will send out a separate sign up closer to Feb 25.

This is an awesome way to impact our community, our city, and the lives of these students!

If you have any questions, contact Jordan Lassiter at

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!! (Please sign up by February 5)

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