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Pastor's Blog - Our Caleb Team

With more than 3,000 UUPGs in the world, we have a big task before us as the church in the world to reach people who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. The acronym UUPG stands for Unreached Unengaged People Group, meaning that a group of people with a population of any number who share the same language and culture have zero access to the Gospel or the Bible in their language. That equals about 200 million people worldwide without access to our loving Savior.

God is already at work among these people. We need to discover where He working and join Him! In order to join God in His work and engage these people with the Gospel, Waypoint Church is partnering with the International Mission Board to go find some of these groups and pray about working to start a church planting movement among them. In order to do this, Waypoint will be sending out an engagement team, called a Caleb Team, in March and April of this year to scope out an area of the world with a high concentration of UUPGs.

Most of these UUPGs exist in "jungles, deserts, and war zones" and are therefore difficult to reach with the Gospel of Jesus. Both geographic and cultural-religious barriers exist. Only through viable prayer and seeking the Lord's church planting strategies will these people be reached. Waypoint is sending out our Caleb Team as two individuals traveling over ten days to three countries in West Africa, praying over these lands and these people, much like the spies sent out by Joshua in Joshua 2. The Caleb Team will travel, pray, meet people from among the people group, and look for the "person of peace" Jesus taught us to pray for in Luke 10. After the Caleb Team returns, their findings will be reported at the Reach Conference, and Waypoint Church will be given the opportunity to pray about future involvement in this work.

Pray for Josh and Artur, Waypoint's Caleb Team, as they prepare to depart on March 31 and return on April 9.

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