Joy Mikhail


Joy’s vision is to equip and engage church members in cross-cultural missions and to make Christ known in the unreached and refugee communities here in the Research Triangle and around the world.


She is uniquely equipped through her international life and ministry experience across the United States, as well as overseas, including the Middle East, North Africa, and South East Asia. Joy is passionate about missions, evangelism, discipleship, theology, and teaching God's Word.


She focuses on mobilizing the church by recruiting and engaging members of the church in missions, and training them in cross-cultural evangelism, disciple-making, and leadership development. 


She engages church members by introducing them to cross-cultural outreach opportunities, and coaching them through the outreach experience. 


She shares her love for the triune God and His living word with everyone she meets, whether sharing a meal or heading out to enjoy a local lake or hiking opportunity.

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