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Ways to participate in the 2022 Lenten season

This week is the beginning of the Lenten season in the Church calendar. If you are unfamiliar, the season of Lent is a 40-day period (plus 6 Sundays) marked by fasting, repentance, self-denial, and spiritual discipline leading up to the celebration of Easter. The purpose is to prepare our hearts for Easter. It’s to actively turn our attention to Jesus – to his life and sacrificial death - as we walk with Christ toward the cross and then celebrate his resurrection.

At Waypoint, here are some of the ways we are providing for you to participate in this season:

1. Our Recent Podcast Episode on Liturgy

What is Liturgy? And why is it important for Christian worship? Listen in as Waypoint staff members Danny and Erika host a conversation about why liturgy is vital in both corporate worship and in our personal lives. They are joined by Waypoint members Wesley Jordan and Charissa Kam; one who grew up around historic Church liturgy and one who discovered it later in life. We hope this conversation blesses you and encourages you in worship! You can listen to this episode on sound-cloud or your favorite podcast app - just search "Waypoint church Durham".

2. Waypoint Church 2022 Lent Prayer Guide

During these next 40 days, we invite everyone to examine their sinfulness and brokenness and to consider the cross of Christ.

In this Lent Prayer guide, you will find a series of Bible verses and associated prayers. Try to take time each week to reflect on the theme and pray. Also, during this “set-apart-time”, you can continue in the Bible Reading Plan reflecting on Mark’s and Luke’s Gospels and the Psalms.

Then on Palm Sunday, we will send out another prayer guide with a reading and reflection for each day of Holy Week.

3. Saturday Morning Prayer and Reflection Time

Each Saturday during Lent the sanctuary will be open for prayer from 6:30-7:30am. There will not be a specific program for the time. It will be a space to come and pray, reflect, and hear from God.

4. Holy Week Events - more information to come

Maundy Thursday Dinners-On Thursday April 14, we will host dinners in homes of Waypoint members throughout the city. Everyone is invited to join the dinner closest to their home, for a meal, fellowship, and participation in the Lord’s Supper.

Good Friday Worship Service-Friday April 15, 7:00pm-Join us for a service of songs, prayers, Bible readings, and a reflection on the Cross.

Easter Sunday Worship and Celebration-On Sunday April 17, we will have our Easter Sunday Worship gathering at 10:30am followed by a celebration afterwards. The celebration will include lunch for everyone, and we’ll also have an egg hunt and other activities for kids.

You can also watch as Pastor Danny shares a brief word of encouragement as we begin the Lenten season this year.

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