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Praying for Students, Families, and Educators

Praying for Students, Families, and Educators

Tanner Halm

What will the school year look like? Will it be on-line or in person? Will it be safe? Will students fall behind? These are just some of the questions many of us are currently thinking about. I’m a teacher at Hope Valley Elementary, and these questions have constantly been on my mind. As an educator in Durham County Schools, I wanted to write this to share an educator’s perspective on this upcoming school year, and how we can pray for students, families, and educators.

Pray for students who are at risk at home

School is more than a building where students learn math facts or learn how to read. It provides meals to students. For some students, these might be the only two meal they get daily. School also provides students with a safe environment. There are students where school is the safest place for them. Their home situation is unsafe or hostile. As we start the school year online, my biggest worry is about where these students will find food. My other is how will students be safe in toxic home situations. My prayer is that God will provide food for the students and families who need it. I pray God will make it easy for those who need food to find it. I pray for volunteers to help any way they can to make sure these families in the community feel loved and cared for by their brothers and sisters in Christ. I also pray for protection over students who are in unsafe situations at home. I pray God keeps these students safe at home while still being engaged with online learning.

Pray that schools and families will have the resources they need

As we begin the year online, I can only think about my experiences from this past spring when we first went online. Many students did not have the resources to participate in remote learning. Whether it was not having a laptop or just plain internet, students were not able to interact with the rest of the class. These students not only missed subject matter, but they also were not able to see and hangout with close friends and classmates. My prayer is that God provides resources to these families. I pray students have the resources they need to start the year with remote learning. I pray for guidance for school districts as they go about navigating through these uncharted waters as the school year begins.

Pray for those who are feeling fear and anxiety

This upcoming school year is going to be like no other, full of uncharted territory and debates on which way to go. This brings fear and anxiety to families as we draw closer the start of school. As an educator, I have had some of the same fears as well. I am not the type of person to stress over things, I think this is one of my gifts God has blessed me with over the years, but I have some fears going into this new school year as well. Pray that God will guide those who are making decisions as well as each teacher, family, and student.

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” - James 5:16

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