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God's Goodness Through Small Group Community

Written by Christine Hsu

Moving is never easy, and as I am preparing to move to Texas in a few days, I am finding it especially difficult to leave the community at Waypoint Church. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by these emotions around moving, especially as I have lived in four different states over the past ten years, but I am still caught off-guard. It is sad to leave, but I thank God for showing me His goodness through Waypoint Church and small group community.

Through small group, I have witnessed how God’s goodness permeates every part of our lives. Over the past year and half, our small group has regularly set aside time for members to share their testimonies. As each person shares their stories, I am amazed at the diverse ways by which God works in each of our lives, drawing us to Himself in ways that only He could orchestrate. Many of us in the small group are also in different life stages, whether in school or not in school, working or not working, married or single, with kids or without kids. As we voice our prayer requests and praises each week, I am reminded that God is faithful in every season. Though the future can seem scary with all its unknowns, God is good all the time.

Even in trials and difficulties, God’s goodness remains. Last summer, my family moved from Northern California to Texas. Our moving truck caught fire and burned to the frame on a highway in the middle of a desert several hours outside of Houston. Shocked, I shared a video of the fire with the group and immediately received prayer and support. Thankfully, everyone was safe and unharmed, but my family and I had a lot of salvaging and logistics to deal with in the aftermath of the fire. Throughout the ordeal, the Lord clearly answered the prayers of the group, providing wisdom, strength, safety, and faith in Him. Whether in big situations like the fire, or in day-to-day difficulties, like facing the slumps of graduate school, God has used this small group family, and the friendships in this group, to show me His love and to point me towards His faithfulness.

In Psalm 34:8, King David writes, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” As I prepare to move, I thank God for these past couple years at Waypoint Church, for how I have tasted and seen that He is good, and for a community that has pointed me towards Jesus, who is our true refuge and the ultimate embodiment of God’s goodness.

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