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Be an English Conversation Partner!

We have an awesome opportunity for you to help Reach UNC and Reach THE NATIONS.

You should become an English Conversation Partner this semester! International Students tell us that they need help speaking and learning English. (Can you imagine if you went to college/grad school in another country?) Having an English Conversation Partner will help them develop their language skills when they are off campus and especially when they are in the classroom. Would you be willing to hang out and talk with an international student? (You set your own meeting place and time…be creative. Treat them like a friend.)

Here is how you sign up to be a Conversation Partner:

  1. Click here and fill out the registration form.

  2. You will receive an email with a training date, or if you already received the training last year, you will receive an international student's contact information for you to schedule your first meeting. :)

​​STOP! Start praying now for who God will partner you up with. (Seriously, like right now.) Pray that God would go before you and sovereignly place you with someone whom He has been drawing to Himself, and that He would use your conversations to lead them closer to Jesus!

If you have any questions, contact Pastor Zach at or 443-985-6068.

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