Some of My Favorite Worship Songs

September 10, 2019

Music is something we all share: from our earliest memories to our last days on earth, all cultures interact with music. God designed our bodies to have these wonderful connections to melodies and rhythm - hearing with our ears, singing with our breath, playing instruments with our hands. While we sing prayers and praises to God, we also encourage our community of fellow believers by singing to one another as scripture commands us to! 



The selection below comes from artists I've found particularly helpful as a worship leader or that have just brought me a lot of joy personally. Play songs on repeat so you can know them well and don't be afraid to sing even if you think your voice is not beautiful. Teach songs to your families and enjoy God's presence in his beautiful creation. How wonderful it is to create music that gives praise to our Creator!


Congregational worship - songs to sing words of worship to:

Urbana 18 Live: Faithful Witness

(Multi-ethnic worship from Urbana 2018)


Sinach: Great God (Live in London)

(Nigerian Gospel music)


King's Kaleidoscope: Asaph's Arrows

(Re-imagined hymns)

Other great music from fellow believers:


Liz Vice: Save Me


King's Kaleidoscope: Zeal

John Mark McMillan: Live At the Knight -

Taylor Leonhardt: River House


BONUS: Hadwynn: Mountain Son (Single) -









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