[5th - 6th Grade]


[Sundays : 4:30-6:10 pm]


We believe the gospel is to be at the heart of everything we do because it has the power to transform who we are. Mark Howard says, “It is only in our union with Jesus in his cross and resurrection that we find our communion with one another.” This means we strive to be a Christ-centered, gospel-shaped community. As such, our youth ministry aims to partner with parents in building rhythms of grace in their students’ lives through:


Our youth group meets Sunday afternoons at 4:30 pm, so that students can grow in their understanding of all that God has accomplished for them in Jesus and how this applies to their lives. We study the Bible, play, and pray together!


We believe that shared experiences are fun and safe ways to foster belonging and to build deeper community. This is why we have community events planned each month to help grow our group’s unity.


We encourage our families to participate together in corporate worship every Sunday at 10:30 am. We believe that our time of worship is a great opportunity for our families to learn from God’s Word and to sing God’s praises. Being a part of corporate worship also exposes students to a more diverse, multigenerational community.