• Waypoint Church

Home Worship 3/22/20

Dear Waypoint,

As we enter the second week of quarantine, we will continue to worship in our homes.

For this Sunday, Erika joins Eric and me, as we look at the birth and calling of Moses in a round table discussion. This is to provide a Sunday morning teaching for your home worship service.

Our Worship Band Director, Nathan Walker, has also created a worship playlist for this time and our Children's Director, Megan Klingler, has created a supplemental lesson for parents.

Here is a suggested Order of Worship:


Sing 1 or 2 songs from the worship playlist on Youtube

Read Exodus 1-3

Watch the Exodus Round Table Teaching Video

Feel free to stop the video and discuss at any point

Sing 1 or 2 songs from the worship playlist on Youtube

Pray to end your time

*Note - If you have young children, we realize they will not be able to sit through this, so you can supplement the teaching time, and watch the video later.

Next Sunday (March 29) we will have our first ever livestream Sunday morning worship time; with music and live teaching from Pastor Lawrence.  

We are praying for you as you trust God during this uncertain time.

In Christ's Love,

Danny for the Waypoint Elders and Staff