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Easter Service & Celebration

Sunday morning, April 9th, is our Easter Worship Service and Celebration! We will celebrate Christ’s resurrection together through a special worship service. We will have two services this Sunday, the first at 8:30AM and the second at 10:30AM. The 10:30AM will be followed by a celebration in the back parking lot. The celebration will include an egg hunt, inflatable slide, and a pizza lunch provided. Please bring a bag or basket to put your eggs in.

This is a great opportunity to get to know others in the church community. Please feel free to invite family, friends, and neighbors to the Easter service and celebration this Sunday!

Since we are expecting a large crowd with many visitors. We are asking several things of our regular Waypoint attenders:

  • Since we are having two service, we would love for you to consider serving at one and attending the other.

  • If you are not planning to attend the celebration, please consider coming to the first service. We need about 100 additional people to attend the 8:30AM service, to provide enough space at the second service for new people.

  • Waypoint Kids-The 8:30AM service will have Waypoint Kids for kindergarten and under. Children 1st grade and up can join their parents in the worship service. The 10:30AM service will have Waypoint Kids through 3rd grade. We invite 4th and 5th graders to join their parents in the worship service.

  • We will be shuttling people from the Hardees parking lot to Waypoint to free up parking spaces. The shuttle will be running from the Hardees parking lot to Waypoint from 7:45-8:30AM and again from 9:45-10:25AM. Please consider taking the shuttle if you are able.

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