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December/January Worship Service Update

December/January Worship Service Update:

November 21, 2020

Our desire is to be the local church God has called us to be. We know that gathering together for community worship is vital to the body of believers, which is why we want to continue providing ways to assemble. We believe that, by putting the right safety measures and precautions in place, we are able to safely gather to worship in a way that glorifies God and considers the needs of our neighbors.

As we enter into the winter months, with the weather getting colder and more unpredictable, the elders have prayerfully made the decision to press pause on our outdoor worship services for the months of December and January.

In anticipation of this change, we have been working internally to provide a way to worship inside the building AND continue to provide a livestream of that service at 10:30 am for those who are not able to attend the service in-person.

We invite each member to trust God with how they will choose to worship at this time. The in-person service will be a modified worship service with enhanced safety protocols. We understand that not everyone is able to or will feel comfortable worshipping inside the building at this time, which is why we will also continue to encourage worshipping via the livestream at home individually or in smaller groups.

What is the first Sunday this will begin?

  • This updated plan will go into effect for Sunday, December 6th.

How many people are allowed to attend the worship service in-person?

  • After looking at government and medical guidelines and recommendations, we feel that we can safely open the sanctuary up to 50 people (not including the pastoral team, worship team, and AV volunteers). If you would like to attend the service in the sanctuary you will need to reserve your seats online, in advance, and agree to adhere to specific safety protocols. (More information about this listed below).

  • At Waypoint, we are blessed to have many families with young (and active) children and want to provide a space for families to participate in a more child friendly worship service experience in the fellowship hall (similar to the back row of the parking lot at the outdoor service). We will be able to accommodate up to 25 people in the fellowship hall and will be playing the livestream service so families can worship together. There will be tables and chairs set up with crayons and other kid-friendly activities.

What additional safety protocols will be in place for the worship service?

  • Taking everyone’s temperature as they enter the building, and asking anyone with a temperature over 100.4°F to stay home.

  • Requiring an answer of “no” to the following COVID-19 screening questions before reserving a seat for the service:

  • Am I showing any flu-like symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches, headache)?

  • Have I had a fever of 100.4°F or higher in the past 14 days?

  • Have I been in close contact (spent more than 15 minutes) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?

  • Requiring anyone over the age of 5 to wear a face mask that fully covers your nose and mouth at all times while inside the building.

  • Limiting the number of people (65[1] in the sanctuary) and (25 in the fellowship hall) to allow people to leave 6 feet between families or individuals.

  • Having hand sanitizer readily available.

  • Encouraging greeting each other with an air high-five or wave.

  • Asking people to move outside if they would like to stay and talk after service (which is the Waypoint tradition).

What time will we need to arrive to go through the screening process?

  • If you’re coming to the service in the main sanctuary, please arrive no later than 10:15 am so you can go through the screening and get to your seat before the livestream begins.

  • If you’re coming to the service in the fellowship hall, please also arrive early as we will be starting the service at 10:30 am.

What if I’m running late to the service?

  • For those attending the service in the sanctuary, we will complete screening at the rear entrance and lock the door by 10:30 am. If you are running late, we ask that you park in the front and come to the front foyer entrance. We will have a designated screener waiting to admit people from the front entrance as late as 10:45 am. [1] Because we have shortened our service (~1 hour), if you think you will arrive after 10:45 am, we recommend staying home and worshipping over the livestream.

  • For those attending the service in the fellowship hall, you may arrive late but will still need to be screened before you enter.

Where do I park?

  • If you are attending the service in the sanctuary, please park in the back and enter in the back doors.

  • If you are attending the service in the fellowship hall, please park in the front parking lot and enter in the front of the fellowship hall.

  • If you arrive late, please park in the front and enter in the front foyer.

How do I sign up and reserve my seats for the worship service?

  • In order to attend the worship service, you will need to reserve your seats via the Eventbrite. The Monday before each upcoming Sunday, the link to the Eventbrite will be posted here on the website. The link will also be sent out via email and posted on the Realm.

  • There will be 2 separate Eventbrite sign-ups for the worship service - one for the sanctuary and one for the fellowship hall.

  • You can reserve you and your family’s seats by “purchasing” a ticket on the Eventbrite. The tickets are free and simply function as a way for us to keep track of how many seats have been reserved. When 50 seats have been reserved there will be no more available seats in the sanctuary for that week, but we encourage you to either:

A. Put your name on the waiting list to be notified if a seat becomes available.

B. Try to reserve a seat for the families experience in the fellowship hall.

C. Livestream the worship service from home.

  • By reserving a seat, you are answering "no" to the COVID-19 screener questions. Should you or someone in your family’s answer to the screening questions become a "yes", please let us know before Sunday so that we can offer your seats to someone on the waiting list.

What if someone who attends the in-person service later tests positive for COVID-19?

  • We will have a full protocol in place:

  • Everyone in attendance will immediately be contacted to know of the potential exposure.

  • All church staff will go into a 14-day quarantine.

  • The in-person worship service will be cancelled for at least 2 Sundays.

  • We will continue to provide a livestream for Sunday morning services by pre-recording each segment.

What if things get worse with COVID-19 and North Carolina moves back into Phase 2 or Phase 1?

  • We will keep this plan in place as long as it is safe to do so in accordance with government and medical guidelines.

If you have any additional questions, please contact danny@waypointrdu.com

[1] This number accounts for RSVPs, staff members, and volunteers on a given Sunday.

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