• Waypoint Church

Duke Manor Outreach Thanksgiving Dinner

What: Celebrating Thanksgiving with the nations at Duke Manor.

Where: Duke Manor Apartments: 311 South Lasalle street, Durham 27705 at the playground.

How: We are going to meet together at the apartment complex, at the playground, then we will gather in two groups. One group will go on a prayer walk in the community, and the other will help with setting up. At 3:00 pm we will divide people into groups, and each group will have one or two church members sharing the story of thanksgiving with them. Around 3:30 pm the thanksgiving dinner will start. After the dinner a group of people will be helping with cleaning up.

Who: Most of the people in Duke Manor are refugees, immigrants, and international people groups. There will be Muslims from the Middle East , Central Asia, West Africa, people of Hispanic decent, and more.

DRESS CODE: In respect to the cultures and beliefs represented in Duke Manor, No tank tops. No shorts.

FOOD REQUIREMENTS: In respect to their beliefs, all the desserts should be GELATIN FREE and no pork products. If you are planning on bringing dessert , please list the dessert and the quantity that you're bringing in the comments below.

For more information contact Joy Mikhail: joy@waypointrdu.com