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Cross-Cultural Intentional Living (CCIL)

Cross-Cultural Intentional Living (CCIL)

What: The purpose of CCIL is to expand God’s kingdom in multi-cultural neighborhoods, by living out the gospel in word and deed through building intentional gospel communities in those neighborhoods, for the sake of God’s glory.

How: The following commitments are expected of anyone getting involved in this ministry:

  • Living intentionally in a designated community for two years, with an evaluation to revisit this commitment after the first year;

  • Praying with your team once a week, with an additional prayer walk once a month;

  • Praying with your CCIL roommate or partner two times a week;

  • Leading/attending a team Bible study once a week with an outreach-focus of inviting neighbors;

  • Building gospel-centered relationships with neighbors and connecting with ministries in the community;

  • Caring for your neighbors and community in wholistic ministry (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), alongside your team;

  • Sending a monthly update to your team leader and following up with him/her. The team leader will forward it to Joy Mikhail;

  • Attending specific CCIL equipping trainings and participating in all CCIL outreach events held in your community;

  • Attending and serving at your own church each weekend.

If you would like to join CCIL ministry, please:

  1. Schedule a meeting with Joy Mikhail.

  2. Fill out the CCIL application and send it to Joy Mikhail

  3. If approved, then go through the Cross-Cultural Intentional Living training.

For more information, contact Joy Mikhail at joy@waypointrdu.com

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