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Conversation Partners - Help Refugees and Immigrants Learn English!

Conversation Partners

What: One great way to get to know immigrants and refugees is to offer to help them with their English. Often this takes the form of conversation partners. That would also open opportunities to share the Gospel.

When: You can meet with your conversation partner anytime depending on your schedules, we recommend you to meet once a week for at least one and a half hours.

Where: the meetings will take place at their apartments.


  • Find out what specific things they want to work on during your conversation time.

  • Make sure they’re talking! The goal is for them to learn English, not for you to spend all the meetings talking at them. These are conversations, not speeches. Listen and ask good questions.

  • It’s okay to take things slowly – don’t expect them to fix everything all at once.

  • Don’t be afraid to repeat things often, and have realistic expectations for how much they can get from each session.

  • Give genuine and frequent encouragement, but don’t tell them they’re doing great if they aren’t. Be constructive and smart in your praise.

  • Try to come up with ways of making tasks into games, or finding humor or imagination as a new way to look at something as dry as grammar.

  • Use resources that will be helpful for them. Some cultures may be hesitant to ask you questions.

  • Be willing to set aside how you think things should be and instead work with your partner to meet their week-to-week needs.

For more information contact Joy Mikhail at joy@waypointrdu.com

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