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Can you imagine what it might feel like to be in a vulnerable situation and have safe, affordable housing just out of reach? Would you like to partner with me to help women in crisis in our community?

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of embarking on an effort to provide affordable housing, in Durham, for women in the final stages of rehabilitation after crisis. Looking back over the past six to twelve months, I can see the good work that God began by calling Stephen, a Christian businessman, to purchase housing near the Streets of Southpoint mall for refugees. Then, God brought women into my life, as well as two other Waypoint member’s lives – women who had the common need for safe, affordable, and stable housing. In May, God set our work in motion by providing the idea to enlarge Stephen’s model for refugee housing to include women in need. By June 1, two women moved into the first two-bedroom unit, and by July 1, we filled the second two-bedroom unit.

This housing presents a unique opportunity for these women: rents are set 20% below market; upfront security deposits are waived so the women can save $25 per month towards a future security deposit when they leave our housing; utility deposits are handled for the women so they are responsible only for the actual utility costs; furniture and start-up supplies are donated by those who want to assist, along with periodic babysitting and transportation services. Women lease month-to-month, but with the promise of a home with us for up to 24 months as they progress towards sustainable independent living.

Truly, this is a work in progress. That’s why I would like you to pray about partnering with us as we seek to meet these needs:

  • women to serve as mentors (a call to walk side by side with a woman in need as she prepares for a stable independent life)

  • friends to help with babysitting and transportation needs

  • handy men and women to help us stay on top of unit maintenance

  • a Small Group willing to include these women in their circle of friendship

  • a saint with a truck who could help with moving furniture from time to time

  • a prayer team who can continuously lift up the needs of these women and their children

We have recently grown this work by securing funding to offer one of our units as “emergency temporary housing” for those women in crisis who need only a few days or weeks to overcome a present obstacle in their path towards independence. We moved our first guests, a woman and her daughter, into the emergency unit on September 6. They will be staying through roughly September 22. Then, it is our hope that she will progress to one of our permanent units. We are currently in need of manpower and a truck to move donated furniture into her future unit over the upcoming week. We could also use donations of linens (queen bed), bath towel sets and shower curtain, kitchen wares and all types of cleaning and household supplies. Or, if you feel inclined to provide meals periodically, this would also be appreciated.

Philippians, chapter 1 has been a great encouragement to our small team. We have taken comfort in the many fruits that come from a partnership in the gospel:

  • a good work that God (not us) has begun in all of the saints (that’s Paul, the Philippians, and all Christians to follow – even you and me!) (v6)

  • love that grows in knowledge and discernment (v9)

  • a lifestyle that grows in holiness (v10), and

  • becoming fruitful, through our knowledge of Christ, to the glory and praise of God (v11)

  • a willingness to proclaim the gospel, the good news of Christ, to others (v12)

  • the ability to do so with boldness and confidence (v14)

  • motivation which stems from LOVE and goodwill towards others (v15-16)

  • courage to withstand trials (v20)

  • the joy of fruitful labor in God’s kingdom (v22)

  • the ability to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ (v27)

  • a growing reputation for being servants of Christ (v27)

  • unity of purpose and action with our fellow Christians (v27)

  • steadfastness in the face of opposition (v28)

  • victory over our enemies (v28), and

  • salvation through our suffering for Him (v28-30).

Last, but not least, we hand this work to God and rest in Paul’s affirmation, “being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (v6)

We welcome your partnership with us!! Peace.

For more information on ways you can become involved, contact Deb Anderson at 919-606-2119 or djcanderson84@gmail.com or Susan Carter at swc5202@gmail.com.

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