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The Reach Conference

The Reach Conference

Friday, May 20 - Sunday, May 22

Cedar Fork Baptist

Every Sunday at Waypoint Church we say, “Reach Durham. Reach the Nations.” Why? Because we believe that by reaching the diverse population of Durham, we are reaching the nations of the world. We also believe that by reaching these nations in Durham, God will call some of you to the nations in other parts of the world. At Waypoint Church, every member is a missionary.

In the past, to be a missionary, it was believed you signed up for an organization to send you out, that organization trained you, and you were given a job titled “Missionary.” At Waypoint, we believe the Bible teaches that we are all missionaries, receiving that title at our new birth to spread the Good News of Jesus to all nations. At Waypoint Church, we are going to do the training and the sending!

This year, we will be launching new training initiatives. They have already begun at our Theological Training Institute. Every month in 2016, we will be taking Waypoint deeper into God’s Word and theology. Missionaries need this training for reaching those around them, at home, in their neighborhoods, at work, and at the places they frequent. We believe in making disciples that make disciples.

The Reach Conference is a three day training event, diving into practical methods for reaching the world from Durham and beyond. We will be rolling out our new strategy for sending individuals and families to international missions, through partnering with the International Mission Board. We will have specialized training in marketplace and community evangelism, and we will look deeply into God’s Word to see how He is calling His church to go forth and expand His Kingdom. Amid all of this, we will be having church-wide prayer moments, seeking where God is calling us as a church in the world-wide movement of His Kingdom.

Don’t miss this important unveiling of Waypoint’s church-wide mission strategy and missionary training!

The basic schedule is listed below, more information with specific times will be released in the coming weeks.

Friday, May 20

  • Reach Banquet

  • Reach Global Briefing

Saturday, May 21

  • Reach the Marketplace breakfast

  • Reach Prayer Conference

  • Reach Training Module: Sharing Jesus with the World

  • Offers Reach: Kids track at the same time for kids birth-5th grade

Sunday, May 22

  • Reach the Nations Worship Service

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