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Drive to Target...Reach the Nations!

Saturday, August 15

9:00 am- 12:30 pm (approximately) Meeting place: Gross Hall, Duke University (specific directions will be sent to you) Destination: Super Target and South Square shopping area, Durham

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God has provided us with yet another opportunity to Reach Durham and, in turn, Reach the Nations - By simply driving to Target...

There are 120 New International Students at Duke University that need to go shopping for some immediate household type needs.

International Students Inc. (ISI), a parachurch ministry on Duke University's campus, took last year's international students shopping at Target, but this year they have such an influx of new students, they are asking local churches in Durham for our help! (Enter Waypoint Church)

They need drivers who will drive to Duke, pack their cars full of the Nations, and then drive to the closest Super Target. Many of the church volunteers that drove last year are now choosing not to help this year because of an $8 fee for obtaining their driving record.

Duke is allowing local churches to participate in transportation, only if each driver can provide a semi-clean driving record (six points or less).

Waypoint Church will reimburse you for this $8 fee (It will take more than $8 to keep Waypoint Church from Reaching the Nations!)

This is a God given opportunity for us to leverage our "Worldly Wealth" to show gospel centered hospitality, build relationships with internationals at Duke, and to swap contact information in hopes that the relationship won't end there.

Imagine if Waypoint Church had 30+ drivers show up and packed their cars full on a trip to target, and then, a trip to church the following Sunday! Imagine standing at these international students baptisms, knowing God used you and others at Waypoint Church to Reach Durham & Reach the Nations! All by taking a trip to Target!

Register as a Driver Now and find further details at the link below:

Click here to sign up!

Contact me with any further questions,

Zach Ritz

Waypoint Church, Pastoral Resident


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